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G.L.A. is an association of experts and professionals who are eager to communicate about ourselves abroad. For all who travel Japan and do business with Japan, we arrange meetings and help touching our life, culture and industry.

About G.L.A. (Global Link Associates)

G.L.A. is a Tokyo-based international business and marketing consulting founded in Dec 2005. We are the association of the expert of Marketing, Research, Business Development, IT, Design and Translation/Interpretation. We work with partners worldwide to provide intelligent, perceptive and versatile communication support in both English and Japanese.

In Sep 2016, G.L.A. was licensed by the Japan Tourism Agency in accordance with the provisions of the Travel Agency Law. The scope of activities are overseas travel and domestic travel.

Through our variety of panels and associated experts, we deliver valuable output to help clients businesses decisions and customers cross-cultural experiences. We ensure you receive fruitful results from real and active respondents.

Our Vision

To create innovation by exchanging cross-cultural viewpoints
We believe Intercultural Awareness enrich our lifestyle and mindset. It adds colors to our life, opens doors of opportunity, and leads to extensive, dynamic growth.
We believe we engage in compelling conversations in a wider variety of settings, take advantage of opportunities that others shy away from, and think with an adventurous and open mindset that enriches people's lives and life experiences.
We also believer all of people in this world have their own interesting things to say, and to help express themselves well is our mission

Our Cross-cultural view point is based on both Logical Thinking and Accumulation of Experiences
When we start, we always think about what is positive and challenging aspects of communicating with other cultural people. This reminds us not only what the other culture is but also what our culture is.
According to Greet Hofstede Cultural Dimensions (Cultures and Organizations: Software of the Mind 2004), each country's some cultural dimensions positioned as below. With these studies, we understand Japanese culture's uniqueness and distance from other culture, and always try to find the best way for cross-cultural exchanges.

Our Experiences

In addition to cultural exchange programs, we have conducted numerous studies in a wide variety of fields. Here are just a few examples of the kind of scope that we offer to our diverse clientele.

Social and environmental research
Opinion survey of atomic issues and location of power transmission lines
Research of the cultural climate and opinions about energy issues in northern Japan
Research of the cultural climate and opinions about energy in western Japan
Research on public opinion polls regarding energy issues
Social environmental research relevant to road development
Forecast of traffic volume for the opening of the Tokyo Bay Crossing Road
Social environmental research in Tokyo concerning construction of a new loop highway
Environmental assessment of the area around a bypass in Saitama Prefecture
Research relevant to environmental conservation in National Parks
Assessment of effect of environmental education on visitor awareness in National Parks
Municipal renovation, regional promotion, and rural living conditions throughout Japan

The food and confectionery industry
Health food market trends
Analysis of major US chocolate manufacturer
Analysis of brand management in the chewing gum market
Imported food market in Japan
Liquor shops mystery shopping
Food-service industry study
Pet food trends study
Management of Japanese confectioners study
Demand for imported beef research
Disposable cups in Japan research

Chemicals and new materials
Competitive analysis in the world petrochemical industry
Anti-heat film market study
Production cost analysis of optical magnets
Optical magnetic market study
Various types of sealing materials study
Color filter market for liquid crystals study
Solar energy market study
Ceramics fiber market study
Plant biotechnology trends analysis

The construction sector and construction materials
Demand for housing using imported construction materials
Markets for automatic doors and automatic shutters
Materials used for flooring
Exterior materials market
Home elevators market
Unit bath market
Building codes and materials in the US

Distribution and logistics
Sales territories for large supermarkets
Location analysis for convenience stores
Opening of filling stations
Future trends of multipurpose shops
Strategies for opening unmanned shops

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